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Sleep Dentistry

Sandringham Dental Practice offers the option of Sleep Dentistry. Many people suffer anxiety when facing a dental procedure because of past experiences. Sleep Dentistry can alleviate your distress by having you comfortably sedated during your procedure.

How Sleep Dentistry Works

We understand that many people suffer fear and anxiety about dental procedures. Usually this stems from a bad experience in younger years but sometimes is due to generalised anxiety in the patient.

Now you can relax……

We work with an anaesthetist to gently sedate you for the duration of your dental procedure. You won’t remember the procedure or feel any pain and once completed, you are returned to full consciousness by the anaesthetist.

Sleep dentistry is usually carried out in the chair, but for major dental procedures such as multiple extractions it may be necessary to have the work done in a hospital. 

Your dentist will explain the options at your consultation and help you determine the be best course of action for your needs.

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