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Peter’s important community dental work over many years has caught the attention of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. Named in honour of Pierre Fauchard (1678-1761), who is often referred to as “The Father of Dentistry”, the academy encompasses a range of objectives related to the efficacy of dentistry, including to develop service projects that benefit the public. Two key goals of the academy are:

As an inductee to the academy in May this year, Peter will be recognised for these qualities as a dentist and so much more. His family, friends and staff are all thrilled and proud that he is being recognised again for the wonderful work he is doing for the local community and the ADHF. The global connections fostered by both fellowships will offer him further opportunities to develop his important voluntary work in promoting quality dental care for all.

Background to Dr Waltham’s community work

Always being mindful of his good fortune in life, Peter long held the ambition to help those unable to access quality dental care readily.

After volunteering in Vietnam with the Rotary Australia-Vietnam Dental Health Project during 2008, he decided to turn his attention to those he could help in his own community. Peter became an active volunteer for what was then the National Dental Foundation, offering free dental care at Sandringham Dental Practice through annual Dental Rescue Days. Peter’s enthusiasm and advocacy for the NDF saw him invited to become a committee member in 2009, after which he was quickly promoted to the position of Chairperson of the Victorian branch of what is now the Australian Dental Health Foundation.

In recognition of his commitment, initiative and leadership as Chairperson of the Australian Dental Health Foundation, Peter was inducted as a fellow to The International College of Dentists in 2016. ICD has been recognising the valuable philanthropic and academic research contributions of dentists since 1920. With a current membership of 12,000, ICD supports the ongoing work of its fellows to ensure that their valuable benevolent and educational projects continue to benefit those who need them most.

Besides his ongoing voluntary work leading the ADHF Victoria branch, Peter has also been an active member of ICD through planning and supporting induction strategies to select local fellows.

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