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Major Dentistry

Major Dental procedures are more complex and often require more than one visit. The main objective is to either save or repair the appearance of a damaged tooth. Most health funds allow a larger limit for these procedures and our team at Sandringham Dental Practice can help you with your claim

Oral Surgery

We understand that choice is important in decisions about surgery, we offer a number of oral surgery procedures that can be undertaken in the convenience of our dental practice. Our highly qualified staff can offer you professional advice about whether we can treat...

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Crowns & Bridges

Crown and Bridges are a solution to a host of problems including largely filled, broken, missing and weakened tooth/teeth structure from root canal treatment. Porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges are beneficial as they cover the entire tooth therefore allowing...

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Dental Implants

Implants may offer a more permanent solution for missing or unsaveable teeth. Using the latest implant digital design technologies, we can improve the look and functionality of your teeth so that they look natural. Our dentists are always happy to discuss the wide...

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Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment – Endodontics Saving your teeth is our top priority. When problems arise with a tooth nerve, root canal treatment increases the chances that we can do just that. This treatment can alleviate your pain and maintain the integrity of your tooth,...

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