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Do you often wake in the morning with a sore jaw, sore temples or a headache? Are your teeth worn down and often chip and fracture?

This could indicate teeth clenching and/or grinding (Bruxism) during sleep, a common and often undiagnosed problem. Bruxism can lead to pain the jaw joint (Temporomandibular joint), the associated muscles and damage to the teeth.

Our dentists will assess your symptoms and provide treatment options to manage your bruxism. Balancing your bite, rebuilding worn teeth, night guards and facial injectables are some of the treatments we can offer to ensure you wake up pain free and ready to face the day.

Did you know that a side-effect of bruxism is increased jaw muscle size? If your jaw muscles protrude and seem out of proportion to the rest of your face, we can reshape your facial profile with facial injectables. This procedure is a quick, safe and effective way to create the facial shape you want.

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