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General Dentistry

Sandringham Dental Practice’s general dental services include basic treatments which usually involve a single visit and a short amount of time to complete. Keeping your dental hygene up to date saves you a lot of pain and expense in the long term

Gum disease

Do your gums bleed when you brush or floss? Are your gums puffy, swollen or red? These are signs that you could have gum disease. Left untreated, gum disease can cause infection, bad breath and compromise the longevity of your teeth.  Book in for a check-up and have...

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Childrens Dentistry

At Sandy Dental, we understand how to treat children. We take the time to ensure your child is calm and confident before any procedure. We offer helpful advice about ways to take care of their teeth between visits. Acquainting children with the dentist early assists...

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Fillings are what most people think when they hear the word dentist. This is because it is the most common procedure for minor cavities that develop over a patients life. Modern dental practices provide fast and effiicient treatment in a single visit. Discomfort is...

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Check up & Clean

Sandy Dental encourage you to have a regular 6 monthly check up and clean to preserve the health of your teeth and minimise the need to dental procedures. Often developing problems can be detected early and easily treated. Maintaining your dental health not only gives...

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Jaw Pain & Grinding

Do you often wake in the morning with a sore jaw, sore temples or a headache? Are your teeth worn down and often chip and fracture? This could indicate teeth clenching and/or grinding (Bruxism) during sleep, a common and often undiagnosed problem. Bruxism can lead to...

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Gentle Dental Care